About Westerwood Health

Welcome to Westerwood Health

At Westerwood our sole mission is to have a happy client. We have put our client experience at the heart of every aspect of the clinic. This can be seen through the unique way in which we provide services (which is detailed under the “How we’re different” tab under each section) and also echoing  throughout the purpose built premises.

Westerwood’saward winning premises have been designed with our clients in mind. Think of a lavish hotel or eatery and we replicated the relaxed warm atmosphere using a mix of different materials and colours. Everything from the bespoke reception desk incorporating glass, lighting and corion to the wall panelling throughout the surgeries has been hand crafted and specifically designed in order that the Westerwood client feels comfortable and cared for.

The design of the clinic was a team effort with the input of many different architects, interior designers, medical and admin staff, clients, builders and more. As soon as you enter the premises all your senses will be alerted to with smells, sounds, sights and feel of the environment we have strived so hard to achieve.

With some much opulence over 3 floors you will simple forget you are in actual fact in a healthcare facility in Glasgow city centre- which was our aim from the outset.

Enjoy your Westerwood Experience.

Our specialization


The Team

At Westerwood first and foremost our client’s are our priority. All the members of the different teams at Westerwood have been recruited and chosen due to their focus on service and the ethos of  treating their clients as they would like their own family to be treated. Unlike other businesses, our primary focus is not financial but our cleint’s needs. The financial benefits resulting from a happy client will naturally followdue to the trust and exceptional service and care we provide.

Our team members are all highly trained and experienced local graduates who carry out this work with passion and enthusiasm. We believe everyone should wholeheartedlyenjoy their work and not use it as a means to an end (i.e to pay the bills). This is when you are in a position to master it, leading to happy clients.