Goheer Eyefix


    How it works?

    A device is used to apply small electrical impulses via a hand piece to minimise the excess skin leaving your eyes looking instantly refreshed and youthful. The treatment only takes 30 minutes and usually only one session is required.

    Are the results really instant and how long do they last?

    The results are instant and as the excess skin is removed the results last years!

    Is it painful?

    No. A numbing cream is applied before the treatment and this ensures a painless treatment.

    How much does it cost?

    Introductory offer with pricing starting from just £350.

    Who is suitable?

    The device can treat all skin types, from 18 years old up wards and skin of any colour.

    What is Goheer Eyefix ?

    A revolutionary non surgical treatment for eye bags / hooding and loose skin round the eyes. Westerwood are proud to be one of the first aesthetic centres in the UK to be chosen to provide this treatment. Over the years the skin around the eyes age, sometimes faster and more obviously than anywhere else on the face and body. This may lead to bags/hooding above your eyes or fine lines below your eyes due to excess skin. Previously only surgery could correct these issues swiftly and definitively BUT now there is a revolutionary new painless treatment that gives instant results without the need for surgery.

    Price- from £350