Linzi McLelland, Miss UK
on Invisalign

I wanted my smile perfected but wasn’t sure where to start – at Westerwood they have state of the art equipment that allows them to digitally scan your mouth and generate an after image of what your teeth will look like at the end of treatment! After seeing this I was so excited to start my Invisalign journey, the process was so easy with the staff guiding me step by step. I even had the power to edit my own result on how my teeth would look before the aligners were made! I can say I enjoy coming to the dentist now. Invisalign is brilliant and it didn’t impact my busy schedule. I simply pop them out to eat and drink and pop them back in with ease. I’ve never been more excited to see my end results… thanks Westerwood!

Lord Chyna, Make Up Artist/Blogger
on Composite Bonding

What a massive transformation! I had composite bonding carried out on my upper teeth, after one appointment I received a complete smile makeover in just 2 hours! The before and after pictures are incredible, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Westerwood for this treatment. I was in complete control of my treatment plan, I was informed about every part of the process and couldn’t be happier!

Emily Shak, Model/Blogger
on Invisalign

I was highly impressed with the technology Westerwood had – can’t believe I was able to see what my smile was going to look like before even starting treatment. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable and make you feel relaxed within their beautiful surroundings. The clinic itself is so modern you don’t even know you are at the dentist! Even with me travelling so much I can keep up my treatment during shoots no one even knows I have my aligners in! I can’t wait to see my result

On Botox and Lip Filler

I attend Westerwood for my Botox and Lip Filler and couldn’t recommend the team highly enough! The work I have had done is always subtle which is important in my line of work, I can always arrange an appointment around my busy schedule and my needs are always met.

Nicola Mimnagh , Former Miss Scotland
on Invisalign

I’m starting my Invisalign journey…with so many providers out there I knew Westerwood was the place to go. I’ve heard so many recommendations so knew I could put my trust in them. My first visit they allowed me to see what my smile could look like at the end of treatment before I even committed to start! I was so impressed the net few appointments were amazing and let me tweak my outcome before getting the aligners made. Before I knew it, I had my aligners and started my Invisalign journey! I love my aligners and can feel the treatment really working!

James English, Podcast Host
on Dental

I had an amazing experience at Westerwood from start to finish. The dental team was highly professional and carried out my treatment to a very high standard with all the latest gadgets and technology. I had my silver fillings changed over to new white composite fillings and I am delighted with the results!