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Despite being the most competitively priced clinic, the most painful part of any treatment is parting with the money to pay for it. To make this easier we have now introduced monthly payment plans to make this even easier. You can use this for any aesthetics or beauty treatment, with a minimum monthly payment of £25. This also allows you to take advantage of a price freeze and avoid any price increases! Please note this is a pre-payment plan and not a finance plan.

How would this work?
1 area of anti-wrinkle injections 3 times per year Normal price £300 (£100 x 3)
Spread over 12 months = £25 per month
Or if you pay £25 per month for example, you can still have your treatment done when you wish, you would just have to pay the difference in cost.

Just decide on the following;

    • Which treatment you would like to have and how often you would like it done, OR
    • How much you would like to pay in each month
    • When you would like to come in to fill in the paperwork which takes less than 1 minute!

At Westerwood, we can provide interest-free and interest-bearing finance options on any treatment costing £600 and over. You can take advantage of:

  • Payment terms that suit you.
  • No upfront deposit options.
  • Greater choice of treatments.
  • Make treatments instantly affordable.

Once your treatment plan and costs have been agreed and you’ve decided which finance facility best suits you, you’ll be able to complete an easy-to-use online credit application in the comfort of your own home.