Composite Bonding in Glasgow


Composite bonding is when white filling material is bonded to the enamel of the tooth to correct any gaps, chips or to improve the shade of your smile. This can dramatically improve your smile in just one 2 hour appointment.

Composite Bonding Prices

The cost of Composide Bonding treatments in our Glasgow clinic


£99 per tooth


What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is the process of applying composite material to the teeth in order to repair or enhance them in both colour and shape. The composite is a tooth-coloured material that, when applied, allows the tooth to maintain its natural colour, or if the tooth is discoloured, return it to its natural colour. This is favoured by many as it is a very discreet treatment and isn’t a lengthy process to apply. The most common issues which can be fixed with composite bonding are chipped or crooked teeth where the composite material can be used to fill in the gaps between the teeth and repair their normal shape. Similarly, this can be applied on a large scale and be used to fill in gaps between misaligned teeth, making your entire smile appear straight.

How long does Composite Bonding last?

On average, composite bonding lasts around 5 years. However, there are a wide variety of external factors that will affect the bonding’s lifespan. These include:

1 – The quality of work

Ensuring that you go with a highly skilled and qualified dentist is the first step in ensuring that you get the maximum lifespan out of your composite bonding. The dentist ultimately decides the quality of the material used, and its placement, which will impact how long it lasts.

2 – The placement of the composite bonding 

Certain teeth in your mouth are more liable to wear and tear than others. For example, bonding on your back teeth will almost certainly last longer than bonding in your front teeth, which are more exposed, thus, more vulnerable to damage or discolouration.

3 – The health of your natural teeth

As the composite is bonded to your natural teeth, the strength of the underlying tooth largely impacts the lifespan of your bonding. Healthy teeth lay a strong foundation and will be able to hold on to the composite for much longer.

4 – How well you take care of them

Poor oral hygiene, consuming lots of sugary foods and drinks and habits like grinding your teeth or chewing on your fingernails will all have a negative impact on how long your composite bonding will last.

How much does Composite Bonding cost?

Composite bonding costs from £99 per tooth at our Glasgow clinic. We will discuss your treatment options with you at your appointment and will be able to give you a more accurate price at that time.

What are the Benefits of Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding has a number of benefits as a cosmetic dental treatment. Unlike some popular treatments, there’s no need for any removal of your existing teeth and the preparation work is fairly minimal. The bonding agent is also repairable, so in the event of any damage it can be easily repaired. It’s an adaptable treatment and can easily be applied alongside other dental treatments, and the results are immediate. In just a single visit you can see fantastic results and a big improvement to your smile.

Is Composite Bonding Painful?

The treatment is not painful and will generally require no anaesthetic to complete. This helps to make composite bonding one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments, and can give great results quickly.

How Long Does Composite Bonding Take?

The relative simplicity of composite bonding means that treatment can typically be completed in one session, although this can change depending on the work required. We will discuss this with you at your appointment to allow you to fit the treatment into your schedule.

Should I change my dental care routine after bonding?

In general, your dental hygiene routine should still remain in line with the recommended practices. With bonding, it’s wise to avoid consuming substances which can stain the teeth (such as coffee, tea and red wine) as the resin can stain just like your natural teeth. You should also try to limit biting into hard objects, such as ice cubes, or chewing on things like pens to avoid damaging your teeth.

Am I a suitable candidate for Composite Bonding?

The nature of the treatment means that most people will be suitable for composite bonding, however the main area of complication is the bite. If there’s heaving contact in certain areas of your bite, it can cause the bonding to fracture. We can discuss all of the options at your appointment and will advise on the best approach for you.

Does Composite Bonding look natural?

Yes, in fact it’s one of the most natural-looking cosmetic dental treatments available when done by a skilled dentist. The team at Westerwood Health are highly experienced, so our patients get an improved smile that looks natural.

Can Composite Bonding stain?

It is possible for composites to become discoloured over time, particularly if you consume higher amounts of drinks like coffee and red wine, or if you are a smoker. Consistent dental hygiene will help to prevent staining, however in some circumstances the composite may need to be buffed or a new layer added after a number of years to restore the finish.

How long does Composite Bonding last?

This will vary from case to case, but with good dental hygiene you can expect the treatment to last for around 5 years before it needs to be replenished.