Chemical Peels in Glasgow

What is a chemical peel?

A peel is a chemical applied to the skin that causes acceleration of the skins natural exfoliation (shedding). However, not all chemical peels cause visible shedding. It is a non-invasive and progressive technique meaning best results are normally achieved after a course of peels. The peels themselves are made up of different ingredients depending on what condition you would like treated.


What ingredients are used?

In superficial peels, AHA and BHA (alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid) are used, particularly glycolic acid, the smallest fruit acid molecule. In medium peels, the most widely used agent is TCA (Trichloroatetic acid). The deepest peels are phenol chemical peels.

What are the benefits of peels?

A peel works with your face’s morphology to give natural results that can be seen after the first session, it is an entirely natural and efficient process, administered by a professional. The peel’s discreet effect on your skin will cause your friends to comment on how radiant you look, without them knowing why.

What does a professional peel feel like?

This depends on the type of peel you opt for but and can range from very minimal sensation to some tingling and warmth.

What are the effects?

Depending on the intensity of the peel, you may observe anything from an instant radiance to a sensation similar to a very mild sunburn, slight flaking, or desquamation (shedding) which can last varying amounts of time.

Chemical peels come in many different forms (with different ingredients) and can treat a variety of conditions. They range from very light glycolic peels to refresh the skin without downtime to much deeper peels that can treat conditions such as wrinkles, pigment and scars. At Westerwood we believe chemical peels form part of your skincare regime and carry out peels on a daily basis for skin conditioning. You can therefore rest assured knowing you are in safe hands.


Prices start from £50 per peel