Eye Bag Removal in Glasgow

It is no secret that the eyes are the first area to give away signs of ageing. Patients often complain that they look tired all the time when they feel quite the opposite. There are a few things we can do to help this.


The first being a treatment called Tear Trough Fillers or a non surgical blepharoplasty. With immediate results, no pain and zero down time, this truly is a lunchtime procedure that can turn back the ageing process and give your confidence back. As the name suggest we simply but skilfully place some Dermal Filler into the area causing the issue. This lifts and revives the areas for a more youthful appearance.


You also have the option of having our very own Goheer EyeFix or a non surgical blepharoplasty. This involves the use of a laser to produce controlled trauma underneath the eyes in order to tighten the skin and shed the unwanted skin. This may require repeated sessions and has some downtime associated with it but covers a larger area than the Tear Trough Fillers.


Lastly for those not suitable for any of the above and for those wanting a more permanent solution, you have the option of a surgical Eyelift /Blepharoplasty. This 45 minute procedure usually yields the best and most longlasting results. Our skilled surgeon carefully removes any excess skin and any fat pads that may be causing the issue resulting in a turning back the clock on that tired look.


We recommend that you come in for a consultation so that a tailored packaged can be determined for your specific needs. For further information on any of the above-mentioned treatments then simply click on the relevant treatment in bold text that will take you to a page giving you further information on the treatment including costs.