Frown Line Treatment in Glasgow

The vertical lines caused by frowning in between your eyebrows are sometimes referred to as Frown Lines. These can take many forms but the most common mimic the numbers 1, 11 & 111. We always say that prevention is better than cure. Your best friend in the treatment for this area is Anti Wrinkle Injections sometimes referred to as  Botox. A series of painless injections with no downtime means this truly is a lunchtime procedure. As the results are not immediate, we bring you back for a two week check up with our team to ensure things are headed in the right direction.


For those with deeper and more fixed lines & wrinkles in this area, a Dermal Filler after the use of Botox may be recommended. The results of fillers are immediate and the results combined with the anti wrinkle injections in this area can further help reverse the ageing process.


We recommend that you come in for a consultation so that a tailored packaged can be determined for your specific needs. For further information on any of the above-mentioned treatments then simply click on the relevant treatment in bold text that will take you to a page giving you further information on the treatment including costs.