Under Eye Wrinkles Fillers in Glasgow

Under eye wrinkles are generally treated by us in two different methods. One is called Tear Trough Fillers and the other is called the Goheer Eye Fix.


The most common phrase people hear with regards to their eyes is “you look tired”. If you have sunken in eyes that look like eye bags then Tear Trough Fillers is for you. Literally one injection near both eyes and the lines are away with immediate and astonishing effect. We only use a Tear Trough specific filler to maximise results.


However, if there are multiple lines that are closer to the eyelid itself, fine crepe paper type skin or even loose skin. Then perhaps a consultation for the Goheer Eye Fix is the right call to action to take. The idea is that you burn away the excess skin using this device. The fresh new skin that regenerates is wrinkle-free. You may require more than one session of this.



We recommend that you come in for a consultation so that a tailored packaged can be determined for your specific needs. For further information on any of the above-mentioned treatments then simply click on the relevant treatment in bold text that will take you to a page giving you further information on the treatment including costs.