Smile Makeover in Glasgow

The Real Good Smile Makeover is a revolutionary way of designing your new smile with the help of technology. The software studies the relationship between teeth, gums and lips of a patient to create a virtual treatment plan. Your dentist then constructs a mould of your custom designed smile to give you the opportunity to test drive your smile before having any treatment done!

With the experience, skill and art we can create the smile you deserve and want with the following steps:

  1. Digital Photography: Your journey begins with photos of you as you are just now.
  2. Video: The dental team will analyse lip and natural speech movement in a short video clip.
  3. Design: The blueprint of your smile is now created by our team, dental technicians and specialists who all have the end goal in sight……your dream smile.
  4. Preview: View your new smile, you are in control of any changes you want to make.
  5. Final Design: Final designs are completed, you will be informed how much your treatment will cost and how long it will take to complete.
  6. Test Drive your smile: Try in your new smile and we will capture the moment on film to compare to your first video to allow you to see the transformation!