Enlarged Pore Treatment in Glasgow

Enlarged pores as a result of excess oil can clog up your skin resulting in breakouts and scarring. There is no set regime to eliminate them. However, we can help by using certain therapies to help diminish their appearance. The idea is to improve skin hygiene therefore improving the pore sizes over time.


A series of light chemical peels such as the Milk Peel will help shine up any dull complexions and help tighten the skin in a gentle manner resulting in smaller pore sizes.


These are treatments that can be carried out in the clinic. However, at home we wish you to help yourself through the use of our excellent Skin Care regime called ZO by Dr Zein Obagi.


We recommend that you come in for a consultation so that a tailored packaged can be determined for your specific needs. For further information on any of the above-mentioned treatments then simply click on the relevant treatment in bold text that will take you to a page giving you further information on the treatment including costs.