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This Week at Westerwood – 25th February 2023

Hello, and welcome to our blog on the latest news from the Westerwood Clinic!


This week Riz chats about fillers. Comment below or message us about a topic you want Riz to discuss next week!

Surgery vs Lip Fillers

Going to the wrong place leads to wrong procedures and bad choices. Don’t do drugs, kids … stick to Westerwood!

Treatment News

Chin Fillers

Dermal filler is used here to reduce the appearance of a cleft chin, as well as elongating the chin.

Lip Fillers

Do you want to restore and enhance your lip shape and volume? With a simple 25 minute procedure, you can get immediate results that last 8 to 10 months. Lip filler treatment starts from £180 (0.5ml). To find out more contact us!


Smile Restoration

A perfect smile from every angle🤩

If you’d like to book a dental consultation to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect smile then give us a call! This amazing restoration involved Invisalign, composite bonding and crown lengthening.

Lower Face Rejuvination

Dermal filler was used in the jowl area to soften the appearance of fine lines and restore volume. Prices start from £150 for 0.5ml, then £100 per 0.5ml thereafter.

Nose to Mouth Lines

Kate has used 1ml of dermal filler on each side to soften out this clients nose to mouth lines.